We're committed to keeping independent college bookstores strong. Connect2One is an alliance of independent college bookstores with a mission to connect bookstores with the resources they need. Connect2One strives to achieve three primary goals:

  1. Provide the best products on the most favorable terms, along with marketing support that helps you maximize sales
  2. Support the independence of institutional bookstores by launching a national advocacy program
  3. Offer the best technology for online retailing and store management


  • We believe the student is your customer.
  • We believe in integrity in business dealings.
  • We believe campus bookstores should be independent.
  • We believe in providing you solutions to keep your business independent.


Connect2One is the largest buying group and marketing services company in the college store industry. We are specifically oriented to benefit both institutional and private independent stores. We concentrate our energies on making subscriber stores more profitable, effective and important to the institution each serves. We do this by focusing the combined strength of all our subscribers into a critical mass that is leveraged for the good of the whole. We explore every worthwhile opportunity that can benefit our subscribers.

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