Together we're Redefining independent

On March 4th at the CAMEX 2017 Mega Session in Salt Lake City, NACS CEO Bob Walton and COO Ed Schlichenmayer announced an exciting initiative from indiCo. The new independent campus store collaborative offers campus stores an alternative to leasing or self operation. Connect2One and NACSCORP will become part of the indiCo collaborative service offerings and operate under the indiCo name effective with the CAMEX announcement.

Combining these companies provides more operational efficiency and buying power for our stores. And indiCo’s new model lowers costs for students and keeps more dollars on campus. To learn more about this new collaborative CLICK THIS LINK to see the video announcement.

Your current business relationship with Connect2One and your contacts will remain the same. More information will be coming to you as new opportunities and services become available.

Our email addresses will change to the domain

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