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Social Media Influences Marketing Images

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Social Media Influences Marketing Images
There’s nothing basic about Stepforward’s (SF) online images of their basics apparel line. A new C2O vendor partner, SF creates a lifestyle vision of everyday basics and adds a designer point of view to both the product and how the product is presented online. Take a look at your own website and social media to see if you can’t freshen up your online presence with styling tips from SF. See more SF inspiration at www.pinter...
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Paula Haerr

VP Retail Services Connect2One

As vice president of retail services of the Connect2One buying group, Paula is recognized as one of the leading experts on products and merchandising in the college store industry.  From a collegiate retailing career that began in the mid-70’s to her role today in serving the needs of 550+ independent college stores, Paula’s knowledge of the channel has made her a frequent speaker at national, state and regional events.   A self-described “professional shopper,” Paula shares her insider tips on the latest trends in her “Paula’s Picks” blog and the much anticipated Connect2One What’s Hot semi-annual review.